Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Easiest way to Have Chilli Chicken

We all crave for chinese food. Everytime cant have them in a chinese restaurent. Sharing the easiest way to prepare Chilli Chicken -

                 Chicken- 500gms
                 Choice of vegetables- Carrots, Capsicum (Cut and Rinse well)
                 Green Chillis- 4 (medium chopped)
                 Spring onion- chopped
                 Onion- 2 large(one cut into pieces and another to be pasted)
                 Garlic and Ginger paste- 3 tablespoon
                 Chopped Garlic-4 cloves
                  Tomato-1 (paste)
                  Black Pepper Powder-2 tspoon
                  Soya Sauce- 2 Table spoon
                  Vineger- 2table spoon
                  Salt and Sugar- to taste
                  Refined oilfor cooking

Procedure: Clean chicken well and marinate with onion paste, ginger and garlic paste, Soya sauce, egg and black pepper powder for one hour. Keep it in fridger. After one hour, take oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken pieces until its golden brown &  keep them aside(dont throw the marinated gravy). Shallow fry all the vegetables including onions and keep them aside with fried chicken. In a pan , take oil (we can use the excess oil too) take one spoon of black pepper powder in the hot oil and put the chopped garlic in it. After that  add tomato paste, rest ginger garlic and onion paste and marinated gravy and cook it well. Add the Chicken and the Vegetables and stir well. Add the vineger, salt and sugar. After cooking take some hot water and make a mixture of the cornflower and put it into the cooked chicken. Stir it well as it leaves no lumps. Now after 2-3 minutes Chilli Chicken will Be ready to eat.

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