Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paneer Navratan Korma

It does not happen so often that mom asks me to make a veg dish.It is so rare to see mom craving for a veg dish.When I heard that she is craving for navratan korma I was shocked and after the shock I run into kitchen to make it for her.No I could not make it immediately as half of the ratans(jewels) were missing in my kitchen.So I went to market and bought the ratnas required for this dish.Actually the main ingredients of this dish are called jewels or ratna and there should be 9 ratnas.It is oerfect combination of vegetables and dry fruits to be cooked along with the paneer(which seems to be the king).We all know about the great Mughal emperor Akbar and his 9 navratans. Well, here you can think of paneer as the emperor and 9 ratnas of your choice.My 9 ratnas are fresh veggies like potato,carrot,beans,capsicum,green peas,corn and dry fruits like cashew,raisin and almond.So go ahead to learn how those ratnas of mine ruled today's dinner menu.

Paneer - 200 gms. cut into long 2" pieces and soaked in warm salt water for 30 mins.

Any 6 vegetables of your choice.I have used here one potato cut into cubed(1"),1 carrot cut into cube(1"),beans cut into 1 1/2 ", 1 capsicum cut into 1" square, green peas and corn.

Any 3 dry fruits.I have used cashew,raisins and almond a handful of.

boil 15 cashew nuts, 1 onion, 1 tbsp watermelon seeds(charmagaj) in water till the cashews are little soft and then make a paste of it.

cumin seeds 1 tsp
cloves - 3
cinnamon - 1"
cardamom - 3

refined oil

garam masala powder

salt and sugar to taste


I have boiled all the vegetables in salt and water. I have used microwave oven to boil them.I did not use cover.In micro oven the vegetables will retain their color and it will not be mushy as well.I have microwaved high for 10 mins.

Now take a pan and heat 1 tsp ghee.Fry all the chopped dry fruits and keep them aside.
here making the paste for the gravy.

boil 15 cashew nuts, 1 onion, 1 tbsp watermelon seeds(charmagaj) in water till the cashews are little soft and then make a paste of it.

heat 1 tbsp of oil.Add cumin seeds.When they splatter, add the whole garam masalas.

Fry for 1 min and then add the paste.Fry in simmer for 30 secs and then add little water.Stir for 2 mins and then add the vegetable stock(the remaining water of the boiled vegetables).Add salt.

Then add all the vegetables.
When the water starts boiling, add the paneer,dry fruits.Mix them well in the gravy.
Then add ghee and garam masala powder.Add sugar.Mix them well.

Cover and cook for 5 mins in simmer.
Paneer navratan korma
Now paneer navratna korma is ready to serve with naan roti .

 I am linking it with Flavors of cuisines event hosted by shruti and organized by Julie


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