Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pui Shaker Ghonto

pui shaker ghonto
pui shaker ghonto
This one is a typical bengali recipe.We bengali have a saying "macher raja rui ar shaker raja pui".
Pui shak is the most eaten leafy vegetable in any bengali household.I love the thick texture of these leave.But my favourite part is data or stem part of this leafy vegetable.Here in Bangalore it's not so easy to avail pui shak. But sometimes I manage to get it from Mangalorean shops.In Mangalore also it is a famous leafy vegetable.It is calles busley sappu thereBut their way of making is so much different from ours.Here goes the bengali type recipe of pui shaker ghonto. For cooking ghonto we need lots of vegetable.But the taste of this dish is enhanced by 100 times with the pressence of prawns.


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