Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alu Tikki Chaat

I always make this dish with leftover ghugni or chana masala. For gugni recipe please click the below link.;postID=6111027506084893754

For Alu Tikki:
  1. Boiled potatoes - 4
  2. green chilly paste - 2tsp
  3. salt to taste
  4. oil for frying
For Imli Chutney:
  1. Imli - 1cup
  2. Sugar - 4tbsp
  3. Salt - 4 tsp
  4. red chilly powder - 3 tsp
  5. cumin powder - 2 tsp
For Dhaniya Chutney:
  1. Coriander leave - 1 cup chopped
  2. Pudina leave - 1/4 cup chopped
  3. curd - 2-3 tbsp
  4. garlic paste - 1tbsp
  5. green chilly - 1-2
  6. salt - 2 tsp
  1. ghugni/chana masala
  2. chopped onion - 2
  3. chopped coriander leave
  4. sev
  5. lemon juice
  1. For alu tikki, mash the boiled potatoes.Add green chilly paste and salt.Make 2"diameter round flat tikkis.Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a tawa and shallow fry the tikkis both the sides till it becomes golden brown.I make 8 tikkis out of 4 boiled potatoes.
  2. For Imli chutney,boil tamarind with one cup of water for 10 mins.Now take out the tamarind pulp.In a mixer grinder grind all the ingredients for inli chutney together.
  3. For Dhaniya Chutney, grind all the ingredients for dhaniya chutney together.
  4. Now take alu tikkis on a plate.Spread the ghugni over it.sprinkle chopped onion,chopped coriander leave,sev,imli chutney and dhaniya chutney on top of it.Before serving add lemon juice and salt.
sometimes i feel super lazy to prepare chutneys.So I replace it with maggie sauce and green chilly sauce. :).

Alu Tikki Chaat

Alu tikki chaat

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