Saturday, November 17, 2012

Egg Biriyani


  1. Boiled Eggs - 10
  2. Basmati Rice - 3 cups
  3. Alu - 4 boiled and cut into halves
  4. Onion - 4 sliced
  5. Curd - 1 cup beaten
  6. Cashew nuts - 10-12
  7. raisin - 10
  8. Cardamom - 4
  9. Cinnamon - 2"
  10. cloves - 6
  11. Bay leaf - 2
  12. turmeric powder - 2 tsp
  13. chilly powder - 2 tsp
  14. Ghee
  15. Oil
  16. Salt and sugar to taste
  17. For Biriyani Masala - Grind cardamom(15),cinnamon(6" stick),clove(15)s,nutmeg(1/4th),star anise(4-5),javitri(2 tb sp),pepper corns(10) together and keep in an air tight container.It can be used next time also.


  1. Take a pressure cooker and soak the basmati rice in it with 6 cups of water for 30 mins.Then add cardamom(3),cinnamon(1"),cloves(3),1 tsp of ghee and bay leaves and boil it in pressure cook till 1 whistle comes.Switch off the flame and let it cool for sometime so that you can open the pressure cooker lid normally.Spread the rice on a plate.Mix 2 tbsp ghee with rice and let it cool.
  2. Mix salt,turmeric powder (1 tsp) and chilly powder(1 tsp) with Boiled eggs and alu. Fry the Eggs in 2 tbsp oil till it has the brownish hue.In the same oil fry the alu for 4-5 mins and keep the fried alus and eggs aside.
  3. Fry half of the onion slices in 2 tbsp of oil with salt till it becomes brown in color.You can add little sugar to get the color fast.
  4. Heat 2 tbsp of ghee.Add remaining cinnamon,cardamom and cloves in it.Then add the remaining half onion slices.Add salt and little sugar.Fry till the onion becomes golden brown.Add turmeric powder and chilly powder.Fry for 2 more mins.Add biriyani masala and fry for 1 min.Add the beaten curd and slower the heat.cook for 5 mins in slow heat.Keep the gravy aside.
  5. Fry the cashew nuts and raisin in 1 tsp of ghee and keep them aside.
  6. Now take a micro safe bowl.Grease it with ghee.Spread 1/3 of the rice.Then add half of the fried potatoes,half of the fried eggs,1tsp of ghee and half of the gravy.Then spread one more level of rice,remaining potatoes and eggs,1 tsp ghee and remaining gravy.Then add the remaining rice.Cover it with 1 tsp of ghee,fried onion and cashew and raisin.Cover and cook in micro oven medium for 10 mins.
  7. Before serving mix it well and then serve.

Egg Biriyani

Egg Biriyani

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