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I am a software engineer working in Bangalore.I was graduated from Bengal Engineering and Science University.Apart from my professional career, I am a cook,gardener,painter and a good wife too :).I love to cook.Cooking is my passion since I was 12.My other interests include reading books,watching movies,gardening,beauty,decor and many more.You can find the reflection of my interests in my blog.I am a very bad story teller and 6 long years in corporate life has almost taken out all the writing skill out of me. Thanks to my husband and my mom for their support.A lot of recipes I share in this blog is my mom's recipe.She is the best cook I have ever seen in my life.Thanks to husband for giving me his mobile with which I take the pictures. Of course they are not like DSLR but they are not bad either. :)This is my fifth blog and from now I have decided to discontinue all my other blogs.I thought of consolidating all the older blog entries in this new blog.
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  1. Tina di,

    I liked your recipie and hence felt that i should read the 'about me'.... and i am so glad that I did so!!! Because I realised we are both from the same college :) and both are software engineers!!!

    I also like cooking but that you have continued with your passion and are writing about it in your own blog... that is really inspiring!!!


    1. hi saborni, its so great to know that someone from my own college reads my blog :) i m 2006 pass out from IT. What about you? Are you also from Pandya? I am currently not activated in blogging for some professional commitments..i hope to blog soon within a few months!


Thanks everyone for dropping t my space and sharing your lovely comments.Your comments are my inspiration and the way to improve.


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