Sunday, April 14, 2013


Suvo poila baisakh to all my bengali readers and happy Vishu to my tamil friends :) Today I have made malpua for this occasion. The recipe is taken from my mom. She makes two types of malpua out of which this one is my most favorite. It is next to impossible to get any recipe out of mom. She will always hide some secret part. That's the only reason my malpuas were never like her.So I decided to assist her one day. So after one full day of spying I got this recipe :P and today I made it.Yes now it is like mom's malpua. I am super happy. yaaaahoo!!I made almost 40 malpuas.So if you are making less then adjust the ingredients accordingly.


  1. Milk - 2 ltr
  2. Chana(grated paneer) made from 1ltr of milk (for chana recipe click here)
  3. Ghee 2 tbsp
  4. Maida - 5 cups
  5. Sugar 4 cups
  6. water 6 cups
  7. Refined oil for deep fry


Heat a kadai. Add sugar and water. After the sugar dissolve in water, boil them for around 10 mins.The consistency should be thick

Now mix maida and milk well so that they should not form any lump and then mix the chana(grated paneer) in a vessel.Then add ghee and mix well.


Heat oil in a kadai.
Now take one serving spoon of mixture and deep fry it.I have done two at a time.If you have a bigger kadai then you can fry more.
Fry both the side till they are golden brown.
Now dip them in the sugar syrup.And let it be there for 5 mins.
 Then keep them on a plate.


 After you keep all the malpuas on a plate, boil the sugar syrup to get a thick consistency.It should be a thread like consistency as shown below.
Now spread the thick sugar syrup on top of the malpuas.


The malpuas are ready to serve. :)

I am linking this recipe with Foodabulous Fest Event organised by Simply TADKA and hosted by Pramitha love cooking

and also with Swasti's event @ Pallavi's Blog


  1. They look nice. Thanks for linking.

  2. Wow! Love malpua's Tina.. Looks delicious :-)


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